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Visit to Scotland
Stable Visit to Scotland

Our tour included Scotland.

See the visit to Scotland

Visit to Northern Ireland
Stable Visit to Northern Ireland

Our tour included Ireland.

See the visit to Northern Ireland

Tour of Italy / Eastern Mediterranian
Stable Tour of Italy / Eastern Mediterranian

Our tour included Rome, Montecatini, Orvieto, Pisa, Florence, Bari, Verona, and Venice, Italy and the Republic of San Marino. Our 11 day cruise on the Magnifica took us to Rhodes and Katakolon Greece; Limassol, Cyprus; Haifa and Acre, Isreal; and Dubrovnic, Croatia.

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Kayaking the Low Country
Stable Kayaking the Low Country

We discovered the natural beauty and secret places on waterways in the rural South Carolina Lowcountry; rivers, creeks and adjoining woodlands Many species of birds and wildflowers were visible from the waterways.

See our visit to the Low Country

Parks of Utah
Stable Parks of Utah

We explored the world's greatest concentration of national parks and monuments known as the "Grand Circle" with an expert geologist. This journey included the Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Arches, Canyonlands, Lake Powell, Grand Staircase-Escalante, Dead Horse Point, Monument Valley and Rainbow Bridge. We ventured through this breathtaking region and learned about earth's history through common themes of sedimentary rocks, uplift and erosion. We examined geological formations such as hoodoos, arches, mesas, buttes, towering cliffs, pinnacles and peaks. We cruised Lake Powell to Rainbow Bridge--one of the natural wonders of the world. Geology was the main focus enhanced with human history presentations, performances about explorers, settlers and visited with the Navajo to gain an understanding of cultural traditions with story, songs, dance, and eating traditional food.

See our visit to Utah's Parks

Mammoth Site - Hot Springs, SD
Stable Mammoth Site - Hot Springs, SD

We enjoyed the chance of a lifetime to work at the world-renowned Mammoth Site with expert bonebed and laboratory curators, geologists and paleontologist. Once gigantic mammoths roamed freely on the high plains of North America. Now their remains lay undisturbed, entombed in the earth. Scientists estimate that more than 100 mammoths have accumulated in this small area. We learned how to excavate, record and preserve fossil material. The staff provided extensive lectures about the geology and paleontology history of the area.

See our visit the Mammoth Site

Mount Rushmore, Black Hills and the Badlands
Stable Mount Rushmore, Black Hills and the Badlands

Rising from the immense grass prairie, the Black Hills of South Dakota stand strong, rich with an abundance of natural resources, beautifully diverse landscapes and numerous historic legends of settlers, miners and sod busters. During our time here, we visited scenic and historical sites, Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse memorials, geological and dinosaur museums.

See our visit to Mount Rushmore

Puerto Rico Hike, Kayak, and Snorkel
Stable Puerto Rico Hike, Kayak, and Snorkel

We experienced the natural beauty of Puerto Rico, hiked in the U.N. Biosphere Reserve of Guanica Dry Forest, snorkeled, and kayaked the mangroves and coral reefs near the shores of Parguera. The Boquerón Wildlife Refuge and the mountain trails of El Yunque rain forest were explored. We strolled Old San Juan, the fort, and the National Botanical Garden.

See our visit to Puerto Rico

Art Institute of Chicago - Grand Parents
and Grand Children
Stable Art Institute of Chicago - Grand Parents and Grand Children

We spent a week in Chicago in one of the world's greatest museums where we were introduced to famous paintings like Nighthawks by Hopper, American Gothic by Wood, and Sunday Afternoon on the Grande Jatte by Seurat. We participated in sketch classes and art-making workshops at the museum. The Architecture boat tour on the Chicago River was impressive. A visit to the Field Museum and a outdoor concerts in Grant Park completed our experience.

See our visit to the Art Institute and Chicago

Put In Bay
Stable Put In Bay

Put-in-Bay is a tiny village on South Bass Island on western Lake Erie. The village played a big role in the war of 1812 as the location from which Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry sailed to engage and defeat the British.
We explored the fascinating local history, wineries, geology, natural history, and migratory birds with field trips to outer islands and Marblehead Lighthouse.
We visited Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial Center and viewed western Lake Erie from atop the 352-foot memorial. We studied the Battle of Lake Erie, Commodore Perry and learned why the War of 1812 was so important to the United States.
The Ohio State University's Stone Lab is the oldest freshwater research lab in the U.S. We experienced a tour of the island, lab demonstrations, and the research boat where we studied water quality, plankton and freshwater fish.

See our visit to Put In Bay

Black Cat Guest Lodge
Stable Black Cat Guest Lodge

We enjoyed the hospitality of the Black Cat Guest Lodge, one of Alberta's historic guest ranches and embarked on easy trail rides through amazing rolling landscapes. We discovered the spectacular gorges of Maligne Canyon, while learning about park geology and ecology as we hiked along the canyon rim.

See our visit to Black Cat Guest Lodge

Banff National Park
Banff downtown Banff National Park

Banff National Park is one of Canada's most famous National Parks. In this historic spot of great natural beauty, we discovered the fascinating people, stunning scenery, and varied wildlife of the Canadian Rockies. We studied the the mountain habitat of the wolf and their effects on the park's ecosystem. We learned to photograph landscapes and wildlife in sessions with Bill Marsh, a professional photographer. We delved into the heritage of early settlers and Native history at the Whyte and Luxton Museums and journeyed back to a time of rugged individualists who charted the lakes and climbed the peaks of the Rockies.

See our visit to Banff National Park

Cape Breton Walks
Moose Ahead Cape Breton Walks

We explored the natural beauty of Cape Breton Island with its ancient tree covered mountains, inland seas and magnificent valleys. We learned about the Celtic Culture - language, music and dance - of its Scottish settlers. We explored the world famous Cabot Trail and walked along coastal trails in Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Other field trips included Uisge Ban Falls, and the Fortress of Louisbourg - a restored 18th century bastion, Bird Islands, home of the Atlantic Puffin.

See our visit to Cape Breton

Kayaking on St. Simons Island
Kayaking on St. Simons Island

Kayaking Among The Tidal Waters And Inlets Of St. Simons Island, taking advantage of the tide and wind conditions as our boat slices through the marshes, rivers, tidal creeks, and inlets. we became familiar with coastal birds and the flora and fauna of the marshes. We paddled among the serene marshes and meandering inlets of St. Simons Island studing beach ecology the Satilla River, and Cathead Creek where rice paddies once could be seen.
See our visit to St. Simon's Island

Assateague Island - Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge Habitat Restoration
Chincoteague Island Service Program

We worked at the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge on the Virginia end of Assateague Island, an uninhabited barrier island. This program supplies assistance to the Wildlife Refuge. Projects included repairing fencing to contain the ponies, constructing enclosures to protect endangered birds, trail maintenance, and painting lifeguard facilities.
Chincoteague and Assateague Island are surrounded by some of the most productive marshes in the world. These barrier islands offer endless possibilities for walking and exploration where the ocean meets the shore and the shifting sands create an ever-changing shoreline. The islands are rich in waterfowl, birds, deer, and wild ponies.
See our visit to Chincoteague Island

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Ocala Photography Workshop
Ocala Photography

See our Ocala Photographs

Nature Conservancy Ramsey Canyon Preserve

Habitat Restoration In The Upper San Pedro Ecosystem The Nature Conservancy Ramsey Canyon Preserve protects a special area where high canyon walls and a permanent stream create a moist, cool environment unusual in the desert. Its popularity with visitors has led to the degradation of the site. Our service program helped restore the natural ecosystem creating a sustainable and biologically diverse riparian woodland. Projects included replacing removal of exotic vegetation, removal of man-made structures, removal of fire fuel to reduce fire hazards, transplanting tree seedlings, inventorying book store contents, cleaning and reorganizing storage facilities, erecting fences, and painting new buildings.
See our visit to Ramsey Canyon

Big Sky - Yellowstone National Park and Gallatin Valley

The mighty Yellowstone ecosystem, born of fire and seamed by a steaming, gushing wealth of water, births many rivers and nourishes a wealth of lakes, geysers, and hot springs. We visited Yellowstone; met Old Faithful and experienced its sulfurous ambiance. We rafted the rock-cliffed Gallatin River canyon, rode the Lone Peak tram for a snowcapped, mountaintop view of Yellowstone's watershed, visited Lewis and Clark Caverns to see waters percolating through an active limestone cave and we learned of the Missouri River's role as highway to the west while exploring Headwaters State Park.
See our visit to Big Sky

Glacier National Park / Park Restoration

In the rugged corner of northwestern Montana and the northern Rockies is Glacier National Park. We worked and explored for a week surrounded by spectacular scenery, high alpine meadows blanketed in wildflowers, and well as grizzlies and mountain goats.
The work projects were plant restoration and restoration of historic buildings. "The purpose of the Native Plant Restoration Program is to re-establish indigenous vegetation to disturbed areas in order to preserve the native flora, reduce invasions of exotic plants, reduce erosion, and to visually blend the disturbed site in with the surrounding communities." We worked with restoration biologists and park staff providing experience and knowledge of seed collecting, plant identification, and planting techniques. The restoration of historic building included preparation, staining, and repairs.
See our visit to Glacier National Park

New Zealand

New Zealand's unspoiled landscapes and fresh, clean air provided the environment for our experience of walking with New Zealanders. This small country in a corner of the South Pacific has an incredible range of terrain, plant life, and human experience. As we explored five distinctively different regions, we had an introduction to their history, geology, flora and fauna from a variety of local experts. A highlight of the program was meeting and interacting with New Zealanders, members of walking clubs who joined us.
See our visit to New Zealand

Apache Lake

Teddy Roosevelt said The Apache Trail, "combines the grandeur of the Alps, the glory of the Rockies and magnificence of the Grand Canyon." The Trail is a scenic byway through the Superstition Mountains and Salt River Canyon, leading to Apache Lake, an isolated piece of Arizona paradise that provides desert mountains and boating in a pristine setting. We stayed at a resort with rooms overlooking the lake. The program included hiking, field trips to Tonto National Ruins, Roosevelt Dam, and pontoon boat trips to view spectacular geology, cacti and wildlife.
See our visit to Apache Lake

Camp Tontozona

This program provided a unique opportunity for hikers and nature lovers! We learned about the geology of Arizona's high country with a field trip to the Mogollon Rim, a steeply rising escarpment and plateau that spans eastern AZ and western NM. We studied the ancient Pueblo peoples of the area with archeologist Matt Thomas, and enjoyed a fossil search.
See our visit to Camp Tontozona

Walking Tour of Cornwall
and the Cotswolds

England is blessed with a rich diversity of landscapes and culture, and walking is an integral part of the British way of life. The right to roam on a huge network of ancient pathways is enshrined in statute. We studied two very different areas: the Cotswolds in central England and the Duchy of Cornwall, one of the last strongholds of the seafaring Celts. We learned of the history and culture of these two distinctive and equally beautiful areas whose contrasts leads you to wonder if they really are in the same country.
See our visit to Cornwall and the Cotswolds

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